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Gig Wyatt - DUI Defense Attorney, Salem, Marion County

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Case Dismissed on Civil Compromise

"My elderly client was charged with Fail to Perform Duties of a Driver (Hit and Run) and Criminal Mischief arising out of a parking lot accident. While we were skeptical of whether this actually happened amid some of the reports, we pursued resolution through a civil compromise. Civ comps are allowed when the crime may have a civil component, such as certain thefts, damage to property, etc. The prosecution may object and the judge must approve the compromise. It often involves many moving parts including, but not limited to, victim approval, negotiation, d.a. objection and judicial approval. All of this moved in the right direction and we were able to obtain a dismissal. While we felt our case would have been strong through trial, a civ comp avoids the anxiety and cost of further litigation." - Gig Wyatt"

Client Review on This Case

"Gig Wyatt is a 5 star attorney and if there were 10 we would give him those. We hired him after him after having a pitiful experience with another lawyer who had been difficult to reach, missedappointments, and offered no solutions other than to settle which would have left my 82 year old mother with a resord and 80 hours of community service along with a financial burden for a parking lot incident that she was wrongly accused of. Gig jumped in and was easy to reach, talk to, and not only showed up but came early every time. The matter was resolved professionally. HIs experience and common sense approach was appreciated. I would highly recommmend Gig Wyatt." L.K. February 28 2022