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When you are arrested for DUI in Oregon, you need a high caliber, experienced DUI attorney to get the best outcome. With Gunn & Gunn, you hire a law firm with three generations of DUI attorneys, all with tried and tested experience defending DUI charges in jury trials. Whether your goal is to take your DUI to trial or find the best resolution with the prosecutor, we know how to help you through the court and the DMV process. We know you have questions, and we are dedicated to answering them so you make the best decision possible.

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We can answer questions such as “how long is your license suspended for dui?”, “how do I to avoid license suspension after a dui?”, “is my license suspended immediately after a dui?”. You can also find many DUI questions and answers on this website. Important: If you are stopped for any reason and are concerned about a possible DUI charge, you can immediately ask for a lawyer. If you are arrested, you do not have an obligation to talk to the police and, in fact, most people convict themselves when they do talk to the police. – “Touch to call” – 503-362-6528